Walk With Me CIC

Our History

The Walk With Me Community Center was founded in Missouri City, Texas in 2004, with the mission to “Educate, Empower and Improve.” During its inaugural year, the community center provided the Hold My Hand Summer Mentoring Camp for 562 low-income Missouri City/Houston children. These children, under the guidance of their community center, elders and staff members, dedicated many hours to community service tasks that ranged from assisting the homeless to beautifying their communities. Additionally, they spent a large amount of time devoted to improving their studies and advancing themselves in the fields of English, Mathematics and Cultural History.

This concept of a community center, one that provides a haven for children to develop academic skills and to express themselves through the arts, has proven to be a continual and dominant need to the many communities that we’ve serviced. In 2007, the organization enrolled 250 children in the summer program and served more than 150. Walk With Me C.I.C. developed a grounded academic enrichment program for these students and also partnered with a Houston Public Library Branch to offer after school snacks and tutorials. Students, many of whom had not had the opportunity to travel before due to their family’s financial capabilities, were able to go on an educational expedition in Atlanta; one during which they were able to visit Morehouse University, Spellman University, The Martin Luther King Jr. Center, and the Civil Rights Museum, to name a few locations.

Today, Walk With Me CIC is located in Covington, LA. We serve the entire Florida Parishes region. We continue to provide a variety of social services, academic enrichment and family support services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Educate, Empower and Improve the quality of life for individuals and families in low income and at-risk communities by promoting community involvement and awareness through a variety of programs and activities with emphasis on:

Community Activeness, Responsibility and Involvement
Academic Enrichment and Excellence
Promoting Higher Education and Continuing Education
Eradicating the academic gap for children in low income communities
Advancing the understanding of technology
Economic Training
Implementing, Encouraging and Advancing Family Support Initiatives
Senior Citizen Empowerment and Support
Eliminating the Homeless Epidemic
HIV/AIDS Education
Health Education
Finance and Credit Education
Equality for All

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a network of support through community partnerships that will provide resources, hope, education and empowerment to the low income communities that we serve ultimately greatly impacting the lives of the residents and providing a stable foundation for the generations to come.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to revitalize communities that lack traditional support sytems through the delivery of Christ-centered services. We aim to bring reources to urbanized communities that will provide education, learning and job opportunities, youth and enior empowerment, while creating mechanisms for community support and development in addition to promoting the restoration and  resurrection of the Family unit.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide resources in low-income, at - risk and minority communities and assist with community development through resident empowerment.  To motivate individuals to become involved in their community by promote the "self help" philosophy. To create sources for low, working class, middle class, and moderate-income families providing social services, family support service, community outreach and extra curriculum activities for their children that would otherwise be unaffordable. Additionally, we aim to empower and support the senior citizens in such communities by providing day activities, traditional and nontraditional support services.

The Director

LaToyia McDonald - Porter founded Walk With Me Community Improvement Center in 2004.   The facility was created to educate, empower and improve the quality of life in low income and/or minority communities. Now married and a Mother to three LaToyia McDonald – Porter comes of meager beginnings. Born June 8, 1979 in Houston Texas to teenage parents.  At three years of age her father was incarcerated leaving her mother, young and alone with a child to raise.  She met the man that she would recognize for many years as her father when she was four years old.   In the beginning the relationship was steady and secure but shortly after he and her mother married things would change drastically and LaToyia would be caught in the middle.  At age six LaToyia begin to be sexually abused by her stepfather; something that she endured for 7 long years.  In addition to being sexually abused she and her mother were victims of severe domestic violence that would often leave them running for safety. As a young girl LaToyia decided that no child should be subjected to the cruel and life altering abuse that she endured.   It was these obstacles that created the drive inside of her to not only succeed but also educate and prevent such tragedies from occurring to other individuals.

 When asked why this organization is so important to her she answers with a modest response saying;  

"If I can reach one family, help one child, and stop some hurt then I have done what I was born to do. If through my suffering and pain I can make a difference in someone’s life, then it would all be worth it."

With the continuous support of her husband, family and friends a young woman with a burning desire to change the conditions found in low-income and minority communities and prevent the abuse of children began her crusade to improve the quality of life available in at risk, low income and minority communities through education, awareness and empowerment.